Light & Darkness - Aaron × Reader | Slow Updates

Light & Darkness - Aaron × Reader | Slow Updates

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DatStrangeGirl By DatStrangeGirl Updated Nov 14

(Y/N) Has a dark, troubled past. She has extraordinary powers; and three forms. Light, Dark, and Fusion. No one has ever lived to tell what she looks like, well exept for one... She is considered highly dangerous and at all costs- avoided like the plegue. 

People say that she is the most powerful magiks user of their generation. She is undefeated. But what happens when she meets her match? She could easily beat him for he is only a man; but highly skilled. 

I do NOT own any of the characters exept for a few.
- All credit goes to Aphmau!-
If you don't know who she is then go check her out on YouTube!

Wow this is good wait so do I wear like what a girl Aaron wears