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Katie 😁 By -MeBeKewi- Updated Apr 05

It's a Slymau fanfic. Duh.

Alright, fine I'll talk about it a little bit.

Aphmau ran away from her past. There. Done. No spoilers. Also, I suck at writing descriptions. That's probably why I only wrote one sentence on it. Another reason is because I think we all know where this is going.


Hey, at least I have a Few not-so-cliche things going on with my plot.

And people this is my first book so DON'T JUDGE! Also, don't steal my cover. (Please). Thanks!!

Also: I think its pretty obvious I don't own most of this stuff. I'm very clearly not Aphmau or Sly or anybody else, so... Yeah.

EDIT: This fanfic was made before MCD season 3, and season 2 was still incomplete. It might not be completely accurate, but bear with me. Also, this is under extreme editing, so if the writing style suddenly changes from one chapter to another, you have been warned...

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-MeBeKewi- -MeBeKewi- Nov 13, 2017
I'd like to point out to myself that I meant to put 'Sly' instead of 'Sky'...
shybookworm88 shybookworm88 Aug 19, 2016
I like garmau as my mcd ship but slymau overrules it because I like smh better