Wild Souls || Jacob Black [2]

Wild Souls || Jacob Black [2]

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D(ASH)ER By Ashlinized Updated Nov 30

"And so she learned 
that love
was something 
you couldn't force;

you had to trust 
that the universe
would bring you 
exactly what your soul 
needed to complete itself."
-Marc Anthony 

(Alessia Marie Sequel) 
(Cover by @hypnotistic)
(Book 2)

I'm actually happy that she's giving her attention to someone else, tbh. Jacob's an ass.
I swear to everything holy, scottish accent is unholy. It melts me
already like him more than jake and he hasnt said anything lmao
When you hate Holland but you love Ash so you're still gonna read this
a_k1233 a_k1233 Oct 23
I swear to god if she goes back to him I will throw my phone across the room And that's saying something because my phone is my baby
yo but alice's power would get annoying if you were with her 24/7 you couldnt get away with anything