The Hour Glass || Twilight {2}

The Hour Glass || Twilight {2}

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Laura! By -VoidMoriarty Completed

"Oh my god, you came back..." 

"Yeah, but I didn't leave by choice, I just told them all to burn in hell and came back." 

Isaac Swan has been through hell and back. The Cullen's left after a birthday party gone horribly wrong. Leaving Isaac to pick up the pieces of his broken sister while trying to distract himself by hanging out with the quillete pack. 

When an old friend returns as a werewolf and Isaac finds his guardian, Gabriel. Isaac thinks things may get better. 

[Isaac Swan Book2]
[Previously The Angel]

peace_maker_panda peace_maker_panda Sep 01, 2016
I ғeel вad aт laυgнιng aт Saм тнaт'ѕ ĸιnd oғ мean oғ мe SORRY SAM