Minecraft Elements

Minecraft Elements

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Rockn Rebel44 By Rocknrebel44 Updated Nov 30

Four teenagers. 

All different looks, personalities, and pasts.

Yet they all have one thing in common. 

They are destined to be heroes. 

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Larger description in the first "chapter"

coolboy210 coolboy210 Sep 07
Dude its easy of what there element is..each place there at is there element water,cave/earth,mountain,air cause you know,and nather is fire easy as pie,who don't know this don't know elements
XBlues07X XBlues07X Sep 28
Reminds me of someone from a certain book that is also minecraft *ehem A minecraft story ehem*
TriLight102 TriLight102 Aug 20
*shoves cakes and donuts and ice cream at you again* MOOOOOOOOOREEEEEE
Cooolboymen Cooolboymen Aug 21
Lol at first, I thought Yuri's profile is a bird version of him hahahaha xD
- - Oct 05
With empty inventories.
                              This prologue is so good. It made me smile.
imglitch123 imglitch123 Nov 27
Well, in normal Minecraft, the mobs had to be some distance away, unless you spawned one or you're right next to a spawner