In The Lies, In Which We See .:Watty Awards 2012:.

In The Lies, In Which We See .:Watty Awards 2012:.

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Courtney By CE_Faye Completed

Have you ever felt like you were going to die, from someone stabbing you in the back? Or when you see your world crumble around, you in a matter of two seconds? Well those two things seem to come easy to Riley Blackwood, or they once did.

Riley's life has never been the one anyone wanted to live. Her life was filled with pain and teasing, tears and bruises. For years Riley has been the end of everyone's jokes and tricks. One year she smelt nothing like a pigs pen, no matter how she tried to wash it off. Come to find out the jocks and cheerleaders had made sure to trash bags of the stitch every where that held Riley's things. She cried for a week. But the cruelest thing that any of them had done, was when Reed Hillstone turned out to be her mate. He pretended to really wanted to be with her, and of course there is a but, Riley came home only to find Reed and her sister on the living room couch going at it. Her heart cracked that day, though it shattered soon after, in her bedroom was her suppose best friend laying naked in her bed with the smell of him on her.

That was the day Riley Blackwood was also sent across seas to a boarding school for werewolves. Life tends to make up for it's self when a person least expects it.

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nzvato nzvato Jul 14, 2016
Love this book its sooooo cute read it heaps . But if werewolves that turned into humans were real can I have IAN ???
ellalucy03 ellalucy03 Oct 29, 2015
I am a re reader my freakin billionth time reading this book.
Fantasy_girl21 Fantasy_girl21 May 15, 2014
wow this chapter moved along quick though some things are hard to understand..
Blueprints_ Blueprints_ May 09, 2014
this story seems very interesting!! the summary really caught me and now its in my library ;))
LaviniaOldSoul LaviniaOldSoul Sep 09, 2013
Okay so I'm actually reading this for the fourth time lol I love this story!! And I need to remember to vote so yaaay :))
book_fanatic0077 book_fanatic0077 Jan 28, 2013
besides the  it's one of the best books.on wattpad!!! ahhh love it