Writer's Games: Selection Edition (CLOSED)

Writer's Games: Selection Edition (CLOSED)

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Sasha~ By ultimateklutz Completed

Centuries after America Singer entered the Selection and won, taking the name of Schreave...

Centuries after Eadlyn made astounding political changes to her country...

Illéa has reverted to its old caste system during the war with the New Persian Empire. Times are rough and the Crown in under pressure...

There is only one way to distract the public.

A Selection!

Join to write and fight for the Prince's heart!

The sign up is OPEN!

Amythest12 Amythest12 Aug 27, 2016
@ultimateklutz I'm so sorry but due to some circumstances I'm not able to join😭I'm so so so sorry!! I actually really love to join but I can't...
OliveTheLeaf OliveTheLeaf Aug 24, 2016
                              You guys should join this it isn't a regular type of roleplay and you should give it a go!
12345678eden6 12345678eden6 Aug 28, 2016
Provance: Sonage
                              Name: Samantha Hall  (CLose people to her call her sam or Sammy)
                              Age: 17
Farmgirls-Rule-13 Farmgirls-Rule-13 Sep 24, 2016
Can you please explain a little bit more about the roll playing please. I've never roll played before so this is new to me.
EverydayAmazonBox EverydayAmazonBox Aug 26, 2016
Well, I've been stalking this, and I do need to work on my writing skills in regards to romance and character so I'll do this :) 
                              Name: Robin Goodwin 
                              Age: 20 
                              Caste: 7 
                              Province (just in case my phone glitches): Ottaro 
                              Also, nice to see you guys again! @sincerelymichelle @ultimateklutz
storytellerpower storytellerpower Aug 25, 2016
Name: Molly Wright
                              Age: 16
                              Caste: 8 
                              DISCLAIMER: I've read the first selection book but I'm not like obsessed with it so I may get some stuff wrong, sorry.