People Change-Jaele FN{EDITING}

People Change-Jaele FN{EDITING}

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Riele thinks Isabela is stopping Jace from hanging out with the HD squad like he used to she tries to talk to him but he responds rudely,Riele decided she wants to change her style and who she is so she is invited to a party and on the way she meets Jace....

how did there encounter go..?
Does Riele allow herself to be mislead by an older guy,who is good looking?....
Does Jace fix her?

{cover by} @CamillaBlacknall


Man he would of crossed the line if it was me. I would of smacked the hell out of him with his own phone😂😂😂
This nigga would of been dead when he even thought about touching me
I'm shook  IM IN LOVE I CANT 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💞💞💞💞
I thought she only acted in Henry Danger somebody please enlighten me if I'm wrong
If she wants to go out naked she can't you're not the boss of her your f*****-up idiot why don't you go check on Isabella
*singing voice* You ain't shiiiit you ain't shiiiit you ain't shiiiiit