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Words I Never Thought I'd Write

Words I Never Thought I'd Write

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maleeka By maleeka27 Updated Jan 27

All the thoughts in my mind waiting to be unleashed. I was tortured and abandoned by those I loved. Now let's just assume we never met and were just two travellers wandering in the moonlit hallways. You chose to leave me to find your world while I still roam, a lovely broken light in the dead of the night.


There lives a lovely face, just behind her eyelids,
That smiles encouragingly every time she blinks,
There is an anigmatical past just beneath her stories,
That breathes in the wisdom of everything she's written yet.


A poetry book like none other. Anything but ordinary and if you wish to flow in the depth of beautiful symphonic melody of lyrical music and are looking for something different from the stereotypical depression and stuff, this book is definitely for you.

© The author has the copyright and no material may be reproduced or fabricated without her permission. Book piracy is punishable by law!

Yasmin78666 Yasmin78666 Oct 28, 2016
This was well written with a hauntingly beautiful undertone :)
beautiful_5miracle beautiful_5miracle Nov 27, 2016
Omg you're so good at these. Inspired truly and I think your poems can relate with lives of some people.
skyler786 skyler786 Dec 26, 2016
sounds like someone losing their loved one....and/or a guy losing his love
Kathsum Kathsum Nov 09, 2016
We all have our moments where we rise, glad yours has already happened
DrixianSkates017 DrixianSkates017 Oct 20, 2016
Because this is the first one, I'll just put this here: I love your way with words.
PikulBiswajit5 PikulBiswajit5 Oct 22, 2016
Umm... Somehow like me.. How could you just write this good, girl?