The Dealers | DG

The Dealers | DG

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arianna. By tbdsmoochie Updated Oct 15, 2016

* flashback * 

two guys pointing a gun 
at my fathers head who was kneeling down. "daddy! no!" 6 year old me yelled. 

one guy held me tightly. 

"I love you princess." my dad yelled quickly. 

"POP BOOM!" the gun sounded.
"daddy daddyyyyy!" i hysterically cried out for him.  

it stabbed my heart seeing him lay on the ground. blood trickling down his forehead. 

two guys left me there with my lifeless father's body. my mother nowhere you be found. alone.

i laid there by his side for 2 days. someone banged on the door. i didn't dare to open. 

they immediately broke the door down. there were many cops. two came over to me. they looked worried. they saw my dad's body and took him away.

i was brought to an orphanage where i spent 13 years of my life hoping to have someone adopt me. 

someone did. it was a picture perfect family. almost to good to be true. 1 mom, 1 dad, 1 girl, 1 boy. oh and a dog.

they treated me nicely until rumors spread about my situation. someone has been looking...

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AmberGurule AmberGurule Aug 17, 2016
Lmao forgot all the important stuff. 
                              Name: Amber
                              Age: 15
                              Height: 5'4
                              Brown hair/brown eyes
Dominique_Joseph Dominique_Joseph Aug 16, 2016
- the girl Dev meets 
                              my name: Dominique Joseph 
                              age: 14
                              height: 5'4
                              I have brown mid length hair. I have brown eyes & brown skin I'm a really sweet and kind person & also very very loving. I'm also really funny and like to tell jokes.
princessofbeI-air princessofbeI-air Aug 17, 2016
girl devin meets 
                              name: kaysha (kay) age 16 height 5'1 appearance: long dark brown curly hair & eyes, tan skinned. mixed - dominican & jamaican, from new york city. personality: nice, creative, deep, humble but blunt.
Laylaysbl Laylaysbl Aug 17, 2016
Kev's girl
                              Height: 4'8
                              Black hair and brown eyes
                              Kind, shy and sometimes funny
PresiousBanister PresiousBanister Aug 17, 2016
Kevin's girlfriend-
                              This one I really want
ButeraBabe120 ButeraBabe120 Aug 16, 2016
Can I be Kev's girlfriend if that spot isn't taken already?? Please?