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What We Could Be ✔

What We Could Be ✔

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Awesome Sauce By killerwolf49 Completed

She didn't know he was so sweet. He didn't know he cared so much. They had no idea that anything would happen between them.

A steady peace has been laid out upon Hogwarts between its students. Nothing but a nod would go by, and then they would go their separate ways. 

Keeping to herself was always Hermione's goal - don't get attached to things you can't get out of. Breaking up with Ron wasn't on her bucket list either, but the two just stopped meshing ... they were childish lovers that didn't really understand proper love.

Quiet, arrogant and intelligent was Draco's whole image since forever. He knew how to push peoples buttons and could find joy out of it. But what he didn't know was how intoxicating her brown eyes were ... luring him into a world he hadn't ventured ...
This is a Dramione story. Feel free to comment and vote. All feedback is welcome!

Who in their right mind would leave Draco in the bath its The Draco Malfoy light Hermione are you insane
DracoMalfoylover17 DracoMalfoylover17 Oct 16, 2016
-__- I'm Done I'm finished I hate her I'm over I'm done why why why this this piece of filth have to enter
HowlingWolf9 HowlingWolf9 Oct 09, 2016
Parkinson sucks sometimes. Sometimes she doesn't. RN she is really on my last nerve
Wait..  they're in a bath. She's probably baked and he's only in his underwear 😁
And i thought we shared the lobe of books! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY SOULMATE!
HowlingWolf9 HowlingWolf9 Oct 09, 2016
Amazing comeback right there. I need to use that sometime😂