smile.  || joshler ||

smile. || joshler ||

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"You don't talk much, do you?"                                               •
•                                                                                                              •
[ WARNING: contains triggering events/actions ]
inspo/rewrite larry_lashton

mysoulhurts mysoulhurts 3 days ago
No one told you life was going to be this way 
imphantrash101 imphantrash101 4 days ago
Hey? You hear that? 
                              It's the amount of fuckss I give
heavydirtyhole heavydirtyhole 6 days ago
I read "I'll be back" in a Arnold schwarznegger tone.
rip-yoongi rip-yoongi a day ago
oh don't worry 😏 ty will be screaming your name loud and clear
dunshine-- dunshine-- a day ago
*buckles my seatbelt* i can tell this fic is gonna be one hell of a ride