Markiplier Smuts

Markiplier Smuts

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Misty~Namjoon By Awkward_Smol_Bean Updated Jun 17


If you're biased against this kind of this stuff,then leave.Theres the door 👉  🚪


Otherwise enjoy 😉

I don't want to make coffee. I want to make... Oh you know what 😏
oliviab2125 oliviab2125 Aug 25
Anti: keep it down
                              Dark in closet: no Anti shut up fook you
                              Me: the hell?
lol it'd be really messed up if one of them said  something I'd be like "RUNNNNNN BISH RUNNN!!!"
My eyes change colors with my emotions. Normally they are blue green. When I'm happy they turn bright blue. When I'm angry they turn bright green. When I'm sad my eyes turn grey. It's really weird.
Mark, how dare you violate Tim's privacy!! You know he is too young to know about this!!!
Sweaty? You mean wetty? Like wet. Like right between your... Never mind I'll leave now