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My Joker||y.j.c.s

My Joker||y.j.c.s

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☼ まけいぬ ☼ By Baekhyun-Bear Updated May 14

Jeonghan or as the city knows him as is Harley Quinn. He was one of the biggest gangs in Seoul Korea. He looked innocent on the outside but inside he was vicious and spread nothing but rumors and fear. Jeonghan new well enough that many people feared him- and he didn't mind it. Many nights he wished he could be a normal boy and not be feared. But he had a job to be done. He wanted revenge on his deceased mother. Shot right in front of him by the Kim's.  
  Choi Seungcheol, or known as the Joker was big in Japan. He was known for his dark green hair and red painted smile. He slept with every women that met him and stole their money after each one night stand. He sold drugs on the streets and robbed banks. Like any other gang he needed more room to expand his members. For Japan was becoming to small for his liking. He saw a opportunity and took it, he was going to take control over Seoul Korea. Even if that meant destroying the Quinn's.  
  All ideas are mine, the plot and cover is also mine. Please do not steal any of this book I will not be afraid to report you, that's a crime. Thank you and as always I do not own any of the characters only the ones I create thank you.

So handsome that you climbed onto my bias list and have stayed there since i became a carat
ChocoMalt ChocoMalt Aug 17, 2016
The way you describe and narrate things... I don't know what it is about your sentence structure. It flows so well and is so interesting to read.
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Dec 31, 2016
He's still manlier than you and at the same time girlier than any girl you'll ever date