Through Her Eyes [Vylad X Reader] (SLOW UPDATES)

Through Her Eyes [Vylad X Reader] (SLOW UPDATES)

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TrashyPie By BranchyPie Updated 4 days ago

Y/N was sick of all the waiting.

Sick of waiting for O'khasis to declare war on the rest of Tu'la. Sick of waiting for word from Garroth that he was safe in Phoenix Drop. Sick of waiting for her best friend to return to O'khasis.

Vylad's disappearance bugged her the most.

Y/N had to look for him, to find him and return him someplace safe.

But things don't go the way she'd planned.

Especially with the Nether involved.



I do not own anything except for a few OCs and the plot line. Everything else is owned by Aphmau.



Contains cursing, gore, and violence.

AriStoat_SK AriStoat_SK Aug 16
*gasp* More Vylad x Reader FF?? OH MY IRENE THIS IS A MIRACLE!
                              Who's this mysterious person coming over tomorrow?
                              She sounds wonderful.
                              I think I may know her...
If anyone who has watched lights out will understand what I'm saying. I imagined Sasha looking like Diana from lights out.
Zane and Gene...look alike?
                              *finds picture of Zane and Gene*
                              Oh...they do...
                              WELL. AREN'T I STUPID!