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Space Girl (Keith X Reader)

Space Girl (Keith X Reader)

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ITS ME, KEEEIIITHHH By look_out_reality Updated Jun 12

Voltron Legendary Defenders story!

(Y/n), under the codename Nitro, is taken by the Voltron team members to help them fight in the war. Throughout, the war teaches her how to fight, how to trust, how to control her powers, and...

How to love.

"I will never leave my PlayStation and video games behind!"
                              "Uh, we don't have anywhere to plug that in..."
                              "My copy of Persona 5 matters more than your life, Space Boy!"
The comments are hilarious xD
                              beSIDES DON'T TAKE KEITH'S VIRGINITY *coughs* the floor is clean just seat there
LifeSucksHORRAY LifeSucksHORRAY 6 days ago
Lmao let her go alone when she just got shot in the fricken leg
That name reminds me too much of a TomTord fanfic called starboy
Oooh I just thought the title was a spelling mistake of intro 😂😂 awesome as a name though
Inkspider17 Inkspider17 Jun 19
These are like the best comments I have read in my entire life 😂