Just Promise Me | NatePat

Just Promise Me | NatePat

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- gone - By -starry-boy- Updated Sep 25, 2017

"Just promise me that you'll never leave."
In which Matthew Patrick is bullied and Nathan Smith is the new kid at Blackwell Academy.


-college au-
-everything is a work of fiction-
-no disrespect is meant to anybody mentioned-
-warning : bad pacing-
-uncommon updates-

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JackSepticLover463 JackSepticLover463 Sep 29, 2017
That's right Nate! Because we Write Sins not Tragedies!!! :D
Ciara1701 Ciara1701 Apr 02, 2017
I was listening to nightmare by Nate as soon as I read that sentence it went
                              "It's only a nightmare and son we'll be set free" I didn't even see it coming! Rip Morgan! 😢 great story so far!
Fox_Queen_Winter Fox_Queen_Winter Mar 13, 2017
Hold on a freaking second...
                              Is that a Life is Strange reference or am I reading too much into it
JustYoungAndARealOne JustYoungAndARealOne Sep 05, 2017
But don't sing about tragedies because nobody wants to hear it.
                              If you get this reference then hello fellow emo trash
LexiWantsToBattle LexiWantsToBattle May 01, 2017
Hey u need some one tell me your location and I'll be there faster then you could say Diet Coke
ponyfan1023 ponyfan1023 Nov 03, 2017
*drop kicks Arin and grabs peepachu* DONT WORRY MAT I SHALL PROTECT THE PEEPA