Just Promise Me | NatePat

Just Promise Me | NatePat

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• tired boy • By IzzyIsNotInsane Updated Aug 22

"Just promise me that you'll never leave."

In which Matthew Patrick is bullied and Nathan Smith is the new kid at Blackwell Academy.

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[College AU]
[Warning: Really Bad Pacing]

Ciara1701 Ciara1701 Apr 02
I was listening to nightmare by Nate as soon as I read that sentence it went
                              "It's only a nightmare and son we'll be set free" I didn't even see it coming! Rip Morgan! 😢 great story so far!
Hold on a freaking second...
                              Is that a Life is Strange reference or am I reading too much into it
But don't sing about tragedies because nobody wants to hear it.
                              If you get this reference then hello fellow emo trash
Hey u need some one tell me your location and I'll be there faster then you could say Diet Coke
jackir30 jackir30 May 31
I WOULD HELP!! *Takes out knives and machetes* STEP AWAY FROM MY SMOL BEAN!!
jackir30 jackir30 May 31
If Danny ever did something like that I would be surprised, impressed and then pissed because nobody hurts MatPat!