Alpha Kingston

Alpha Kingston

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Jess By jess_stories Updated Jan 02

"What the hell! Why did the moon goddess mate me with such a disgrace!" I whimper at his aggressive tone. His fist collides with my cheek sending me to stumble back. "Don't you dare tell anyone were mates or you will be dead before you even know it."

Zariah was once a outgoing girl. She loved hanging out. And had plenty of friends. After her father passed from cancer she became a quiet, lonely girl. Her mother doesn't care anymore. Always out late at night getting drunk. When she is home all she does is abuse Zariah.

Kingston, the alpha of the crescent moon pack is strong. After taking the role of alpha handed down to his father he's been keeping the pack strong. Not once has anyone beat them in war. He's selfish, rude, and could care less about Zariah.

But what Kingston didn't know was about Zariahs secrets. Nobody knew but one day all her secrets are revealed. When he finally figures out he wants her back but she doesn't want him. Read to find out what happens.


rhon671 rhon671 Aug 23, 2016
If she is not an Omega what is she? Hmm so many questions but I guess I will have to wait 😉.
rhon671 rhon671 Aug 23, 2016
Tough life for a 17 yr old girl but she makes due with what she has and she is surviving.
samjelaproud samjelaproud Dec 08, 2016
damn bruh already beating your mate up? And here I was thinking you're hot