His Bite, Is Worse Than His Bark (Kaname X Zero)

His Bite, Is Worse Than His Bark (Kaname X Zero)

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killer.jpeg By kimberlyarrey Updated Dec 24, 2017

Lately the pure blood king Kaname Kuran has been craving something that wasn't just blood but also pleasure.

When Yuki found out she thought that she could help him but Kaname found no interest in her. He ended up going to his friend Takuma for help and/or advice but wasn't seeking pleasure from him even though Takuma had asked to help him.

After finding no luck Kaname's pleasure craving had only gotten stronger. That's when Kaname found out who his mate should be for his situation. So one night in the calm moonlit night Kaname saw Zero on his nigh patrol and had asked him to be his mate, Zero rejects Kaname but Kaname doesn't stop there, he really wanted Zero to be his and begins to do things till he gets his way what he wants.

Of course I don't own vampire knight all I own is this fan made story. Please do not and I mean DO NOT steel this story and/or take something out and put it in something else unless you have permission from me to do so.

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tshelsypierrelouis tshelsypierrelouis Oct 03, 2017
What else would he mean....
                              Wait... WHAT....
                              feelings ...
- - Aug 22, 2017
*shivers* if anyone thought that way with me and did those things, I would move to another country. What the hell Takuma. you're better than this.
kaifanticuu kaifanticuu Oct 09, 2016
Um, ever thought of using the Enter button? I mean, on mobile, this is hard to read