Maxerica Rebellious.

Maxerica Rebellious.

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Hhhhhh05 By Hhhhhh05 Updated 2 days ago

I  am a total Maxerica shipper so read the whole thing before giving up one me. 

Queen Amberlys first miscarriage never happened. Leaving Maxon with an older brother to become king and have a selection. America is chosen for the selection, but America being her rebellious self falls for the king Prince rather then the handsome soon to be king. Can there relationship work or will maxons brother prince James get in the way.

Ps. America has the same personality just more skills. She is also very found at fighting.

me_Tehreem me_Tehreem Jun 18
I like the idea of Maxon having a brother. I always wondered what he would be like as a sibling :)