Wears pastel (VMon)

Wears pastel (VMon)

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You're cute"


"Your ass looks good in pastel"


"Come on I'm just playing around, what's your name?"


(Mature content: Crossdressing, Smut, daddy kink.)

Hate it don't read it.

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I'm pastel goth most days but sometimes I look like a hipster and other times I'm a full on gothic psychopath. People judge me but they're too scared to say anything to my face so whatever.
hahahaDUH hahahaDUH a day ago
My guy friend called me a dyke so i said "at least you know I get more pussy than you"
roses are red
                              my nose is sickly
                              might i say
                              that escalated quickly
hahahaDUH hahahaDUH a day ago
BC NAMJOON IS DADDY AS FAWHKKK that's why you enjoyed it so much
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 Nov 21, 2016
What people judge boys for wearing pastel colours? I did not know this. I think they look good then again I'm different.
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 Nov 21, 2016
Nahh. No body will be able to recognise that handsome ass face of yours tae *scoffs* your good