Mercy And Genji

Mercy And Genji

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icecreamer124 By icecreamer124 Updated Mar 12

If your not an overwatch fan and don't know that much about the game I would not read this book. Just because names and stuff will get confusing.

Mercy/Angela never liked Genji she always thought he was a play boy and that Hanzo should be the king. But than the tragedy of Genji's (ALMOST) death brought them together. 

I don't want to spoil anything else so read and find out.

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                              Also, Hanzo said: Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau
                              While genji: Ryūjin no ken wo kurae
Sanssa_Elorede Sanssa_Elorede Aug 22, 2016
OMG YASSSS Soldier 76 is the foxiest grandpa xD but seriously Angela needs better friends, who leaves a friend when they're injured?! <3
Weedomaker Weedomaker Feb 24
Genji: Ryujinn no ken wo kurae!! (THE DRAGON HAS BECOME ME)
                              Hanzo: Ryū ga waga teki o kurau (THE DRAGON CONSUMES OUR ENEMIES)
Plsouth Plsouth Jan 09
It is Aerodynamics not arrow dynamics not sure if you were just going for a hanzo joke or what
ReluctantSilver ReluctantSilver Dec 05, 2016
Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure that Hand soap says "Ryu waka teki kurau"
Sanssa_Elorede Sanssa_Elorede Aug 19, 2016
You can't leave me hanging. There are hardly any Genji x Mercy stories out there! Write more, PLEASE?! <3