I'm Not Her! (jared leto joker) #wattys2017

I'm Not Her! (jared leto joker) #wattys2017

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Serenityswaffird By SerenitySwaffird Completed

although she knew it was a bad idea.  it was Cam's last hope.

she was homeless and lonely, her days where spent finding doing chores for people to earn a little extra cash. She was at her ends. 
 But on a dark night in Gotham on the corner of a block. she noticed a robbery run by the joker and his henchmen,  She had mistakenly run into the wrong people. 
the jokers twisted brain thought of something that would be a proper substitute to the problem

"you're my new hit Girl"

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Not gonna lie, when I read, "I felt a banging in my head..." I thought, 'He banged my head!" XD
                              Get it? Banged?
AutumnS342 AutumnS342 Jun 05, 2017
wtf this is meeee. I have never related so much to something
Raelynns_Rhaps0dy Raelynns_Rhaps0dy May 09, 2017
she's holding a family meeting with her cats, what else?! certain kitties need to learn not to use other cats litter boxes
Bitch I'm a unicorn, so let meh stab u with mah horn! 🔪🐴
CashtonFtw11 CashtonFtw11 May 07, 2017
She should've been like, "No one kills me except myself, *sshole"