Dictator // choose your own adventure warriors fanfic //

Dictator // choose your own adventure warriors fanfic //

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The Calico By PoppyTea Updated Nov 25

Burnetstar isn't the //most// conventional leader, but it HAS made his clan be more than just the stereotypical background clan...

A story where the readers decide the next step that the character will take.
Find out secrets, root out who isn't loyal, make your clan strong, and more through the decisions you make as Burnetstar, leader of HazeClan. 

Warning for blood/gore, death, dark themes. Heavily influenced by the readers!! Don't be afraid to comment!! Updates, for the most part, every day.

Started on August 18, 2016!!

                              16 moons
                              Thick furred black pelt with white speckles and green eyes
                              Friendly, loyal, protective, kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, trusting
                              All dead
                              Thinks she can handlemit
Waspwing Waspwing Aug 21
Oops forget the a before ruthless O,O
                              Dere goes me spelling. O3O