Hi, My Name Is Dan | Danisnotonfire X Reader

Hi, My Name Is Dan | Danisnotonfire X Reader

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FangirlAri By FangirlAri Updated 13 hours ago

Highest Ranking: #21 in Fanfiction | You are an aspiring singer who happens to be Phil Lester's little sister! When you meet Dan, his tall sarcastic roommate, will you develop feelings for the guy?

Drama hits.

Romance buds.

Pain consumes.

Get ready for a wild ride of emotions.

DjBoogie DjBoogie Jan 11
*flash back to his first video* hi my name is [Dan] *cringes*
KellinQuinnLife KellinQuinnLife 18 hours ago
Please tell me Adrian will be in here. I haven't found a story with him in it yet
wxnderlxnds wxnderlxnds 6 days ago
but if i was a professional singer, wouldn't i be famous? and phil know who i am
*falls off the bed laughing* I love this! I wonder if I should play this when I go to vidcon! >:) (Btw I LITTERALLY fell off the bed laughing)
shtDookie shtDookie 4 days ago
                              (o.o)/ Hi 
                              (o.o) so my name is
                              (o.o) [Dan]
                              [   ]
                              (o.o)_/ Nice to meet you
lol everyone's like 'is it Luke Hemmings?!?' and then there's me who wonders if it might be Lucas Thomas Korns 😅 
                              oops... well Hemmings is great too XD he should've been first. But it's youTube so...
                              so I'm probably wrong cuz he's not British [why...]