Janoskians imagines Dirty/sweet

Janoskians imagines Dirty/sweet

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It was a normal day, I was sleeping round the brooks brothers house for a while because my mum was working in America, Luke and jai were fighting over something I can't remember I was resting my head on beaus shoulder while we were watching the vow (and no me an beau are not together we at just good friends). 

"I wanna go out" Luke shouted while jumping on my lap 

"okay we can go to the park for a bit I'm bored" I said pushing Luke off me 

"Yey" Luke screamed and ran to the door. 

I've always had feelings for Luke but never acted on them I'm just a friend to him, he would never feel the same. 

We got to the park and Luke jumped straight to the swings. "Georgia push me" he shouted front he swings. I started to push him and every touch I had butterfly's in my stomach, it's mad the effect he has on me. "Here your turn" he said getting off the swing 

"No it's fine I'm not really good on swings" I said shyly 

"It's fine here" Luke said pushing me on his lap so I was straddling ...

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shookethdxlanz shookethdxlanz Jul 21, 2014
wow that was steamy i need fn bathb bcuz i was sweating from this ish
Hollyxox_O2L Hollyxox_O2L Mar 08, 2014
This is really good and so sweet and I love how u used my name xx
infinitysugar infinitysugar Nov 01, 2013
My name is Talia and I would like an imagine please with Luke. Thanks :)