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The Bad girl goes Good

The Bad girl goes Good

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Cerise By Cerisier Updated Mar 26

Do any of  the following titles "Bad boy and miss popular" "the bad boy and the nerd" "the bad boy is my best friend" and even "the bad boy is a werewolf and he's my mate. wat. omg" sound familiar? It's true that everyone loves a bad boy, but what happens when the roles are reversed? BAM introducing the reign of the bad girl.

Ava Maxwell is smart, sassy, sexy and definitely a bad girl. She's full of self-confidence that makes her respected by the girls and chased after by the guys. She only dates the bad boys though: they 'get' that she's not in it for the long run, because neither are they. 

But when Ava is forcibly paired with quiet goody-two shoes Ryan Haywood, the unexpectedly hot straight A student beneath a-dork-able square glasses, it seems like it's actually possible that there is a guy who is immune to Ava's charms!

Preppy and  by-the-book, there's way more to Ryan that just being 'teacher's pet.'  He's got hidden secrets that few know about, and a certain curious female has made it her mission to figure out just what goes on behind those pensive deep-blue eyes. But what she finds may end up being more than both he and she bargained for.

Will he bring out a softer side to her that she thought was lost? Will she stir up some trouble into his dull, routine life?

And most importantly, when sparks fly and feelings grow,

Will the bad girl have to change her ways and become good?

Read and find out :)

(This is NOT a roosterteeth fanfic, sorry for any confusion)

ayshaali123 ayshaali123 Jul 26, 2016
I thought she meant a literal pop tart on the counter lol I'm dumb
BooksBaeCindy BooksBaeCindy May 26, 2016
I have a feeling you can't name a child that because it trademarked (maybe )
I actually have a friend name Elizabeth......... she is a bad girl in school and in game
girlgamer770 girlgamer770 May 21, 2015
so i have read some of this and now I'm going to read it again. this really seems like an Achievement Hunter ff cuz of Ryan Haywood. I kinda wish it was a AH ff but I can't change it. I'll pretend in my head it's an AH ff. Okay I'll shut up now XD
WriterKellie WriterKellie May 18, 2015
Very fun read. You've got a fantastic voice (I just wish it was edited so that the grammar matched how good the rest of it is)!
NaruLoveHina NaruLoveHina Aug 15, 2014
Great beginning :) I'm loving this main character because she's funny aha xD