Spam Book

Spam Book

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// By Swxftie89 Updated Jan 06, 2017

full of random crap that nobody (besides me) cares about

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come for the aesthetic pictures, stay for the fangirling

* * *
I suck at descriptions

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ThatEmoAndHerFren ThatEmoAndHerFren Dec 30, 2016
My friend says "Stuff an Indian"...she says it to EVERYTHING lmao
delicateautumns delicateautumns Sep 28, 2016
Can I just say... 
                              WE HAVE NO POTENTIAL GOOD PRESIDENTS RUNNING! 
                              Thank you.
BluePrincess_Hali BluePrincess_Hali Aug 16, 2016
Wow.. Im excited 
                              I know this book book also gonna Awsome 
                              All the great best dear.. 👍👍👍
                              You rock 😁♥
plumsos plumsos Sep 15, 2016
i want friends like this
                              bc i don't really have friends ya know
leia-organas leia-organas Aug 28, 2016
This reminds me of the time last December when one of my friends realized that 1989 came out in 2014.... Her face was hilarious
delicateautumns delicateautumns Sep 07, 2016
Omg! Me and my friends have weird conversations like this!!!!