Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko No Basuke - Akashi Seijuro)

Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko No Basuke - Akashi Seijuro)

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The Red Queen and The Red Emperor meets?

What if The Red Queen from America who is known for being Bad Girl- meets The Red Emperor who is always right?!
The Red Emperor who can predict what will happen. But can he predict when it comes to the The Red Queen?
What will happen?
Is there's any changes to each other?
Is there will be a war? XD
What if they knew a thing about their past?
Do you think what will happen?

Let's see :D


Hello This is a Fan Fiction of Kuroko No Basket.
Kuroko No Basket is not Mine its belong to FUJIMAKI TADATOSHI.

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YuuJee YuuJee Feb 12
No way woman. I'm way stronger and scarier than guys. All the guys in my class fear me cause when they piss me off, all hell WILL break loose.
MaroonMatotokkie MaroonMatotokkie Dec 21, 2016
I found it funny cause I know that girls may seem like they can't handle guys but they have like a split personality to actually be fierce and scary.
YuuJee YuuJee Feb 12
Wolf_LZ Wolf_LZ Aug 17, 2016
Im not too sure about that statement...cause most of the boys nowadays are kind of sissy...and we girls nowadays are tomboys like me. I have a friend that beat a guy in arm wrestling before. No offence, guys.
Why are there so many feminists here? Calm down it's just a story
And you call yourself a good girl when you forgot a condom for dad?