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School for Gifted Children (And Other)Rp

School for Gifted Children (And Other)Rp

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queen k By Xx-Moongirl-xX Updated Jul 18

You've probably seen plenty of these out there, but I still want to make one anyways! All species are welcome, BTW!

нello тнere, (ιnѕerт oc name). ιғ yoυ are readιng тнιѕ, тнen yoυ and ι вoтн ĸnow тнaт yoυ are... ѕpecιal. yoυ can do тнιngѕ тнaт norмal cнιldren cannoт, ѕo ι aм ιnvιтιng yoυ тo oυr ѕcнool. we don'т нave an oғғιcιal naмe, ғor ғear oғ pυттιng oυr ѕтυdenтѕ ιn danger. ι aм ѕorry ғor тнe lιмιтed ιnғorмaтιon, вυт ιғ yoυ cнooѕe тo accepт oυr ιnvιтe, pleaѕe wrιтe вacĸ aт тнe reтυrn addreѕѕ ιnclυded and we wιll ѕend тranѕporтaтιon. wнen yoυ arrιve, pleaѕe нave тнιѕ leттer wιтн yoυ, aѕ тнιѕ wιll вe yoυr paѕѕ тo enтer тнe ѕcнool.
ѕιncerely, тнe нeadмaѕтer,
мaхιмυѕ aввιngтon

does anyone care if I don't do chains because of the glitch on the website?
Where is this place located? I still haven't found that out yet.
pastelmob pastelmob Jun 24
                              Powers: Electrokinesis and Clairvoyance
                              Appearance: Wavy, auburn hair that falls just above her shoulders and grey eyes. Tanned skin and freckles
                              Likes: Reading, play fighting
                              Dislikes: Most things.
                              Sexuality: Doesn't really care
PositivePineapple PositivePineapple 6 days ago
Jelly beans are fun to stick up your ass so she did it and her life changed
MyuMyu4ever MyuMyu4ever 5 days ago
Seriously though, how many times did this happen before it became a rule
Excaliburn77 Excaliburn77 6 days ago if the link doesn't work just let me knownand I'll tag you