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• Neighbours •

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Baby Banjo By AoifeBanjo12 Updated Dec 03, 2016

Aj P.O.V
I woke up to my annoying alarm and three load knocks on my wall I huffed and sat up rubbing my eyes and shuffled out of bed and walking over to my window.

I opened the curtains to see the biggest smirk on Ash's face I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want" I laughed "you coming studio" he smirked "why so early " I joked "Oi it's nine" I checked the time and rolled my eyes I hate when he's right.

"I'm coming over" he said "fine window is open" I laughed.

He went and I got ready putting on my jeans and crop top, I will explain Ash...he is my best friend and Neighbour we have known each other since we were 7, we went to the same school and instantly got on he moved here first then we met in school and hung out loads so we got to know each other now he is my best friend.

He is a pain though, he gets on my nerves a lot he wakes me up to early when he knows not to but does it anyway but I love him.

"Morning" ash hopped through the window I smiled "what's up" I said straightening m...

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