One Shots - The Harry & Izzy Series. (Book 5).

One Shots - The Harry & Izzy Series. (Book 5).

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(.x.Sarah_Jane.x.) By Kill__The__DJ Updated Nov 03

A special book consisting of requests from my readers and one shots created from my own mind, covering Harry & Izzy's story from Lay It All On Me right up to We Made It... also includes future one shots. 

This book will be updated with chapters in no particular order, but I will of course remind you of the timeframe at the beginning of the chapter. 

*please do NOT read unless you have read Lay It All On Me, Weird World, Here We Stand and We Made It first. Thank you.* 

WARNING: Includes strong, explicit scenes. Please only read if you are comfortable with mature content. Some scenes may affect you, and I am not responsible for the feels or heartache I'm about to put you through. Maybe I am.

All rights reserved to me darlings. No translations or re-posting elsewhere without my consent. xo

hutch6097 hutch6097 Aug 17
Wedding night def.....its their first intimate night together since Izzy had her big op. I want to know ow harry react, as well as their first timeas man and wife. Omg.
Ugh! D....I choose D all the above! night!
I so want a Dom iz one shot. like Harry said she would be so good bc she's bossy 🔥🔥🔥
Id like to read izzys graduation and cancer returns please x
Lucy8404 Lucy8404 Aug 17
🤔 I'm going to go with the  Dunkirk set. Soldier Harry 😍
Ohhh to hard to choose but visiting the set of "Dunkirk" would be cool :) Anything you write will be awesome as always lovey xxx