Just Friends {Mithzan Fanfiction}

Just Friends {Mithzan Fanfiction}

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"No! Seriously! Adam! We're just friends!" I hissed furiously.

"Okay... are you sure?" He smirked. I glared at him angrily.

"I don't like (Y/N) okay!?"

"You don't like me?" I heard a small voice behind me. I turned around.

"Not the way Adam thinks!"

"What way does he think?" She whispers.

"I think you two are dating," Adam states.

"We're not?" Her lip quivers. I look down. "Okay... I understand. All those nights were nothing-"

"No. Wait!"

"No, it's okay Max. It's probably for the best," she breathed unevenly. She turned and walked away.

"Geez Max, you really don't know?" Alesa walked up to me.

"Know what!?" I yelled.

"Take it from a girl. SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" She yelled.


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T.R.U.E. Totally Rossome Under Everyone. That made no sense XD
leahlah01 leahlah01 Sep 05
*Puts arm in the arm holding up her index finger*I WILL NOT STAND BY!
I thought it was Max kissing a girl that idk AHAHAHAHHAHAHA BUT THE IMPORTANT ONE IS ROSS EATING MY LEFT OVERS >p<
ArcticFox__ ArcticFox__ Jul 18
I thought max accidentally hit his head and then I would break down crying because I love him so much
                              Because my yt user was gonna be EverlastingSoul
My name it this is Tilly but I always use Fallen Grace for a YouTube name