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Opinions on Ships

Opinions on Ships

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Pearlshipping Queen By SkullPearlQueen Updated Feb 02

just sharing my opinions on pokemon ships

yanacutecat076 yanacutecat076 Dec 25, 2016
I like this picture they're in a garden where did you got this photo?
the-y-girl the-y-girl Dec 28, 2016
I freaking love pearlshipping I've been shipping this since I was 7! OMG it is life! Pearlshippers where you at???
PokeRandom PokeRandom Feb 11
It's not that I don't like this ship, it's because I see them more as siblings.
Phoenix_Flier Phoenix_Flier Oct 19, 2016
Peralshipping is OTP
I'm an harem shipper, which means I'll ship just about anyone with anyone lol
Crystalnator Crystalnator Sep 04, 2016
it was used to be my OTP,but then came Amour^^.I rewatched the complete Pokemon Anime and realized that they are behavin like siblings or best Friends.
                              i still give it 7 out of 10