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When you see something, someone you like you want that person, that thing. You stop at nothing to get it. Seeking it full, body, heart, and mind. You can't stop until it is yours. Hold it in your arms treasure it forever and ever. No one, nothing can take it from you. You whisper to your item 'you are mine, and I am your.'

Desire is...need.

You need, you want, you will have. When there is something that we seek as humans we go to get it. We pull out all the stops. Yelling to the world. 'Look at me!' Get the attention, the money, whatever means is needed to possess this desired thing. Yes, posses because in the end, we all want to possess each other. We all want to own the things we love. If we possess something it is our. No one can take them. Pry them from your cold dead fingers. How far would you go to take what you want? How far is too far?

As for all things someone else will come. Someone will try and take what is yours. If you desire something there will always be another that desire it as well. So what to do when this aggressor come for your most beloved thing. Back away and hand it over? Beg them not to steal from you? Or do you protect your possession? Do you set fire to them all? 

Desires must be earned through absolute determination.

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HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Apr 14, 2017
Hell I should go back and read the last few chapters of the first book or something. My mind is foggy. I don't think that'll help me remember the story. Srhfihoagkyuera I wish I could go on google and look up a summary of the first book to give me a refresh. The sorrows of going on Wattpad.
HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Apr 14, 2017
J E N S E N. maybe he's the one who sold Harper out. I think it was him, right? Not Max. Him or Max. I think Max was sold out too? Wtf am I thinking. IDEK IF I'M MIXING UP DIFFERENT STORIES TOGETHER. I HAVE READ MANY MAAANNY BXB STORIES.
hrvejchdc hrvejchdc Oct 08, 2017
Prick and dick rhyme....the more you know...
                              (Distant reading rainbow song thingy in the background"
HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Apr 14, 2017
Hi Max. Were you the one who sold him out? Right? You guys are like bros. he calls you his brother cuz you're only a few years a part? 
                              I'm talking to myself lol
moongoddess2000 moongoddess2000 Dec 12, 2017
Whaaaaaaaaat where they do that at. I want to go to school in February
yanderewitch yanderewitch Sep 07, 2018
It this going to be like, Blaze being obsesed with Harper and be crazy or something ?