Voodoo ♛ ▹ K & E. Mikaelson✓

Voodoo ♛ ▹ K & E. Mikaelson✓

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[C O M P L E T E D]

"Know this; I am addicted to you. 

I have tasted your mind and your soul. 

And I can assure you dear, 

I can't forget their flavor."

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leslyyy98 leslyyy98 Mar 14
Vampire Diaries bbyyyyyy. Im in Season 7 and I miss Klaus sooo much
Popzy1 Popzy1 6 days ago
^^ omg leave , why do people compare Lydia and Cheryl like no stop!!! F- off!!! FFS!
leslyyy98 leslyyy98 Mar 14
Wtf is a "strawberry" blonde hair????! RED AND YELLOW WITH SEEDS ENCRUSTED IN IT?
notgaydean notgaydean Feb 10
theres a cute dude who always asks me for my name but i tell him its misha
notgaydean notgaydean Feb 10
why are all the hot dudes either psychotic, fictional or both?