The Fire Burning Inside Of You (OUAT Peter Pan) | (I)

The Fire Burning Inside Of You (OUAT Peter Pan) | (I)

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TheNeverlandStar By TheNeverlandStar Completed

Mia is just a 15 year-old girl but she already has a lot of troubles in her life.
    First ; she's short. And she hates it.
    Second ; she has to watch over her cousin Maya and the godfather of the latter but they are total scatterbrains.
    Third ; the city she's currently in is a lair for pirates and bandits, where danger is waiting for you at every corner of every street.
    Fourth ; almost all of her family died in a fire, and she's the responsible for this.
    Fifth ; a psycho/stalker/eternal and magical teenage boy is slowly taking an interest in her.
    Lastly ; she sees ghosts. Well, one ghost.


Disclaimer : Part of the characters, places, events etc. are the property of OUAT, ABC. Mia and all the rest are my creation, ©TheNeverlandStar July 2016,  All rights reserved.

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Savage_ALPHA_Wolf Savage_ALPHA_Wolf Aug 09, 2017
Yeah, just ask Scott, Stiles and the rest of the pack about it......even Theo
XCrystalShadowX XCrystalShadowX Jun 10, 2017
Your English is a whole lot better than some of the people whose first language is English. Some people I know write like this,"I need help cuhh i dont know notin bout wat he said", I'm actually quoting someone....
broadwayphan2017 broadwayphan2017 May 17, 2017
Wow! English may not be your mative language, but you write it so well! It's amazing!
wolf_gang23 wolf_gang23 Sep 23, 2017
"We hunt monsters! Do you know who does that?! Crazy people!!!"
TheLibrarianKid TheLibrarianKid Mar 16, 2017
Re-reading the story when I should be studying. It's just soooo good.
Alice_Emma_Rose Alice_Emma_Rose Oct 14, 2016
Your writing is much better than my classmates. And their first language is English.