The Badboy claimed me !

The Badboy claimed me !

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Arieana Ayala By dimples_arieana Updated Nov 12

" You cant claim me . Can he claim me Flora ? " I look at her with pleading eyes . 

" He cant . You cant . You wont Alejandro . Just leave her alone . " 

" I can and I did . I will see you tomorrow  mi amor . " He kisses my forehead and walks away . I start quietly crying into Flor's sweater . 


Isabella Rose Rodriguez is a beautiful girl . She isn't a nerd , or popular . She is very kind-hearted to everybody . She has one bestfriend of 13 years , Florysel Marie Gonzalez . When Isabella's mom dies of cancer and she is in the custody of Florysel's mom , everything seemed to be fine until Alejandro came into her life . 

Alejandro Miguel Fernandez is the schools Badboy . He is the biggest player . He never sleeps with a girl twice . He is basically emotionless with a perfect face . He has all the girls falling at his feet . All the girls except Isabella and Florysel of course . 

What happens when the badboy claims Isabella for himself ?

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