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Guardians Of Legend || Pokemon Yaoi Fanfic

Guardians Of Legend || Pokemon Yaoi Fanfic

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Cuore Fiamma By CuoreFiamma Updated Nov 25, 2016

The trainers from different regions were assembled in an academy where they planned to train the best of the best. The champions were no exception. Red was told to get off Mount Silver, Gold had to get out from the forest he was training in, Ruby had to stop travelling for once, Diamond finally went home to see his mom and Black would finally be reunited with his best friends.

The rivals had been looking forward to see the champions once again but the champions are now... different?

Not only that, was it just them or the five champions looked more alluring?


Originalshipping [GreenxRed], Preciousmetal [SilverxGold], Clingyshipping [WallyxRuby], Loverival shipping [PearlxDiamond] and Isshushipping [NaturalxBlack]

SmileylFace SmileylFace Feb 15
This is like the meeting of the semes... I think, I ain't a expert on all these ships...