Seemingly Unseen  REWRITING|

Seemingly Unseen REWRITING|

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h o l a By feignedsouls Updated 3 days ago

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rewritting & republishing :)

❝just because you didn't see it, doesn't mean you didn't know it before.❞

Listy3 Listy3 3 days ago
Your descriptions have DRASTICALLY IMPROVED and I LOVE where this is going!!!!
Jacklyn Jacklyn Oct 18, 2016
Why wouldn't you run, better than staying in the hell youre in!
Rooty2000 Rooty2000 Oct 28, 2016
I'm officially hooked this is so so so so so so fuxking good
LiveInBlackAndWhite LiveInBlackAndWhite Nov 04, 2016
Really interesting beginning and the way you write pulls the reader into the story as if you are the main character, very good
sillycrazygirl241 sillycrazygirl241 3 days ago
Dovey seems to be some sort of villainish creature hmm...let's see :)
sillycrazygirl241 sillycrazygirl241 3 days ago
this is so lit! like Skye wyd?!?! my heart is mesmerised with this beauty. the writing is so so so so gold. and your descriptions are my new romantics ;))) eeeeeeee