Sharing Nightmares

Sharing Nightmares

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The Sharing Nightmares Anthology is an Halloween themed anthology with stories from some of Wattpad's finest 'thrill weavers'

Here, you'd find stories from 20 prolific authors with enough chills and spooky to keep you on edge all Hallo-month long.

Not the brightness of your phone, or the light from your lamp is enough to keep the chills from running down your spine.

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JesseSprague JesseSprague Sep 17, 2016
@IanRCooper  :D But that isn't true. There is room for both of us, competition is healthy!  (and yes, I understand that you were joking, and the feeling that comes from!)
JesseSprague JesseSprague Sep 17, 2016
@IanRCooper Maaaaybe. I didn't realize the deadline was tomorrow. I've been toying with entering one. I guess if I'm going to, I'd best get to it!
dsulli dsulli Oct 28, 2016
My parents had no imagination. For Halloween, I went as an accountant.
yun_oe yun_oe Sep 20, 2016
@Finnyh  A draft of it is written out already, but like all drafts, it needs revising! :)
Yangwolf Yangwolf Sep 19, 2016
Did I not do something right? I was thanked for entering. o-o
genk01 genk01 Aug 15, 2016
In order to submit a story for inclusion in this anthology, we just need to tag one of the above tags mentioned with our story? Or is there something else we need to do for submission?