The Haunted Orphanage

The Haunted Orphanage

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Dat Boi By Geekster221 Updated a day ago

After running out of games to play, Mark gets an idea for a YouTube series. In his idea, him and Jack, along with Dan and Phil, and Felix and Cry, adopt three children (one per pair) and all live together in Mark's house in LA for a month. It would be a contest to see which ship would be the best at parenting. They'd video everything that happened during the day, and make a really cool collaboration series.

He thought it would be a fun challenge.

Now, they may never make it out of the orphanage alive.

WARNING! This story MIGHT contain: 
Mention of suicide
Mention of abuse
Self harm

I do not own any YouTubers mentioned in this story, but I do own the other characters.
I do not own the cover art (I'm not that talented fml)

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unicornjewls unicornjewls Sep 19, 2016
Okay but me if I ever meet them all at once I would probably have a fangirl heart attack tbh.
smolsepticbean smolsepticbean Aug 30, 2016
Holy shiat! The idea you came up with for the book was over the top amazing, I love it so far!