My Brother Loves Me (Taehyung Ff)

My Brother Loves Me (Taehyung Ff)

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A BTS fan By ABTSfan Updated Aug 30

Main Characters: 
Hani(Taehyung's girlfriend and y/n's close friend)

Other characters:
Yoongi(Taehyung's friend)

Y/n's thoughts:
You hurt me a lot but I still love you... i can't... cause you are my brother...
Noo! You can't leave me alone! Noo...
You broke into tears.

A love story of 2 siblings, what will happen to them? Will they be accepted for the heartbreaking experience they've been through?

Tals_496 Tals_496 Mar 23
But that anime was so bad so I hope that you don't completely base it off the anime because that would lead me to not reading this
sup0715 sup0715 Apr 10
This is from an anime i forgot whats the name but i know exactly what anime this is from
deana112233 deana112233 May 31
It's oppa for girls and hung for boys. Just letting you know
Its off of the anime movie i reconzied it i was all like (this sounds so familiar) and thanks to your note i knew i was right lol😸
jaz_md jaz_md Feb 01
the opening
                               sounds like that anime....what was it called again?
RoiDanielle RoiDanielle Jan 18
Hey are they real brothers and sisters? I mean are they blood-related or just stepsisters and brothers?
                              Just asking:)