Suicide Squad Imagines

Suicide Squad Imagines

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Alyssa Rayne By alyray04 Updated Sep 28, 2017

I absolutely love the Joker from suicide squad and all the other characters so I decided to make a book , so yeah I hope you guys like it.


most of the imagines are not mine, and i take no credit for the ones that are not mine.

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somethingtoyou- somethingtoyou- Oct 22, 2017
If I had a dollar for every time I've read that line in an imagine or preference book I'd be R I C H
sparkle123tt sparkle123tt Aug 18, 2016
Could you do a harley one where she is a mother figure to my 16 year old oc who is on the squad? You don't have to write it like an oc if thats to hard. Maybe just an oc with my readers powers, looks, and personality?
Daryl_lover_21 Daryl_lover_21 Aug 16, 2016
Maybe one with rick flag, they were walking around to make sure it's safe, then he slipped and fell on top of reader and accidentally kisses reader and he confesses his feeling for her
DiamondLovesAugustAA DiamondLovesAugustAA Sep 02, 2016
Can I have one with me and Diablo where   Chato's is upset because he thinks I'm talking to Too Many Men and instead of telling him that it's not going to happen I increase his anger because I think its sexy when he gets mad even though I know it's dangerous
observant-mind observant-mind Aug 16, 2016
Can you please do a El Diablo one where he's afraid to hurt the reader, and the reader gets him to trust himself? Then the reader and El Diablo just cuddle for the rest of the night? Thanks!