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My Twin Daddies

My Twin Daddies

290K Reads 9.3K Votes 18 Part Story
Dream Big By Flying_Free123 Completed

"Babygirl do you know where the cookies are?" Daddy asks. 


"Sweetheart what's in your mouth?" 


"Okay babygirl." They chuckle. 


Alice is what you would consider a little. She was pure, innocent, but lost. She stumbles upon the Logan twins one day and they can't help but feel the need to protect her from the world, care for her, but also love her. 

The Logan twins are both DaddyDoms looking for a little of their own. When Alice stumbles upon them will they take her in or have her fend for herself.

#342 in Romance August 2016

Why am I laughing? I feel stupid because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one laughing.. great
Flying_Free123 Flying_Free123 Aug 15, 2016
Oh my gosh me too!! That's what inspired me to make one 😂💖 @Twink02
Twink02 Twink02 Aug 15, 2016
I can not vote for this story enough. I have been looking for a DDlg twin story for the longest time and this is so exciting!!!
Tbh, fast paced and super unrealistic. But it's fiction, so I can't really complian
Omg same i stomp my foot also whenever I'm mad or frustrated at someone😂😂 and then they won't take me seriously🙄
Haha...I'm still laughing at the fact she was so determined to swing herself