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Bad Boy (Daniel Skye)

Bad Boy (Daniel Skye)

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danielsnugget By danielsnugget Completed

He slowly put me on the bed and got on top of me, smashing his lips onto mine. His lips were so soft, I couldn't stop kissing them. His hands trailed down my body finding the edge of my shirt. He took it off and stared at me. "You're so perfect..." he said leaving kisses down my body.

tylerismydad tylerismydad Oct 12, 2016
Can you please do paragraphs instead of one long one? It's hard to read it like this for me.
selena_lol selena_lol Sep 08, 2016
Well damnnnnnnnnnn. 
                              Bruh.... While everyone else is working out and jogging and.... Well actually running... While I'm over here having my bags of takis with me and my soda and eating like hog being the fat asss that I am..... Bruh 😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
I don't imagine her like Madison. I imagine her as a beautiful girl. 
                              Lol. Sorry not sorry