Secrets (Joker And Harley Fic)

Secrets (Joker And Harley Fic)

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AlexWrites2 By AlexWrites2 Completed

Harley only had one secret that she kept from her Puddin'. She thought she could get through their lives without him ever finding out. But a careless mistake causes her secret to come to life. Mister J doesn't like being lied to, especially about something to this magnitude. 

Based off of "that one scene" from the Injustice Comics.  

A three chapter short story. 

Warnings: death, thoughts of abortion, forced killing.

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acewildcardquinn acewildcardquinn Jul 20, 2017
I would of said "a picture of my nice and my sister." half lie half not
AnimeloverMorg AnimeloverMorg Jul 06, 2017
I would have said,"It's just a picture of my sister."I wouldn't be a lie
acewildcardquinn acewildcardquinn Jul 20, 2017
Lucy is his child you think he would have some respect that harley kept there daughter safe
Hallmark14 Hallmark14 Nov 12, 2016
Dang! Does the Joker even love anything besides power? I know I might sound evil but I found this chapter funny 😂
snowkitty021 snowkitty021 Feb 25, 2017
I hate how mean he is to her. Sometimes he treats her like a queen, but other times he treats her like shït. It just isn't right. She'd do anything for him, she loves him sooo much.
LilianDemetria95 LilianDemetria95 Aug 30, 2016
This is getting interesting... Harley can't be that crazy to actually kill her own daugther, right?