The Fault In His Eyes - Coming Soon

The Fault In His Eyes - Coming Soon

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♡ By urbansfear Updated Nov 12, 2016

Daphne Everest is the schools golden girl, she's a killer soccer player, the best at her school actually. But even if she was adored by most she will always be the athletic shell of a hidden bookworm who is copping with the loss of her parents by reading books and running. But running can only take you so far and words can only be powerful if they have meaning.

Riley Knight is known by all as the boy to not be messed with, a record with the law isn't the only thing hidden away from society. Riley hates everyone but only one person made their way to the top of his list and that's Daphne, all he felt was pure anger with he thought of her. How she takes advantage of having the power to run without gratitude, he envies her speed and grace. 

He always has since he lost his left leg in a car reck last year, to make the matters worse for him he doesn't allow anyone to know of this secret. 

One day will push the two together and collide their lives for good. 

The only thing they can do is put actions into words.

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