Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

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-Abbie- By HoodiniClown Completed

Everyone has one dominant soul in their body. Yes they have many souls, but one's stronger than the others. Everyone has one, all except Jonathan Dennis.

What happens when your gaming buddy finally gets to meet you and you have to control your fighting souls? Can Delirious hide his "difference" or will his world fall apart? Even if his knight in shining armor is there.


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InsanlyDelirious InsanlyDelirious Sep 16, 2017
Its been about 3 or more hours, did the nose bleeds finally dissapear?
What’d I miss Virginia my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss ~Maw~
LittleRedVoid LittleRedVoid Mar 16, 2017
Did he just lean his head back?!? I get nose bleeds a lot and I was told by the doctor to NEVER lean my head back and always forward because there is otherwise the possibility of choking on your own blood
TeddyBearsBeforeHoes TeddyBearsBeforeHoes Aug 18, 2016
Absolutely wonderful, please continue if you want to, really great job!!! 😁
deliriouslyasian deliriouslyasian Oct 15, 2016
I feel you too delirous, its just sponataniously happens, am i right bro? 
                              "No, okay." 
                              ( ͡° - ͡°)( ͡° ౪ ͡°)
Oxenstierna Oxenstierna Feb 02, 2017
Did no one notice 'night owl' and 'early bird'!?!? Is it just me??