Remember Me // Kageyama Ayano

Remember Me // Kageyama Ayano

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"MOM!" I hugged my mother after 8 years of being apart. I miss the air of Japan. It's hard being in America all of a sudden. However, I'm almost there! I just need to reach the top. Even if it take a thousand years, I'll continue. I'll continue what I'm best at. 

"Honey, I missed you so..much..." Tears slid out of her eyes as she cupped her hands around my face. 

"I missed you too..." I smiled back, one with mixed emotions. 

When I got in my room, memories flooded in. Onii-chan...

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I wanted to put my password as Levi but it said that it was too short
Evie_Black Evie_Black May 23
Can you hear my heart break?
                              Tired of seeing
                              Characters die
                              I close my eyes tell myself they're only fictional~
                              I am such a trash goodbye.
When I read that, I started thinking about 'Fabulous' the song from 'Phineas and Ferb'
kaiwi1 kaiwi1 May 29
Thx that's the first time some one forget more than 40 of my perfect features
😱 I think I'm an otaku now, yup I'm definitely one.  SING FOR RELUCTANT HERO'S!!!!!!!
zoefaye12 zoefaye12 Jun 01
Isabell, Farlan.. WHY!!??!?!!!! But on another note did anyone notice that Levi got so mad that he awakened his inner avatar?